• Optimism introduces Superchain, a unified network of chains built using the OP stack.
• Polygon and Arbitrum have outpaced Optimism in terms of daily activity and DeFi TVL collected.
• Superchain promises lower costs, improved security, and could help improve Optimism’s position against other Layer 2 solutions.

Optimism Introduces Superchain

Optimism is introducing its new ‚Superchain‘ project on their protocol which encompasses a unified network of chains built using the OP Stack. This allows for atomic and trust-minimized cross-chain rollup communications to reduce the attack surface while eliminating chain reorganizations. Moreover, it promises lower costs by eliminating cross-chain consensus verification.

Polygon & Arbitrum Outpace Optimism

Polygon and Arbitrum have outpaced Optimism in several areas such as daily activity and total value locked (TVL). In terms of daily active addresses, Polygon had 432,000 while Arbitrum had 170,290 compared to Optimism’s 116,20 active addresses on the network. The same pattern was observed in terms of the number of transactions occurring as well with OP trailing behind its competitors in the DeFi sector where its TVL was significantly lower than the other two protocols.

Superchain To Give Optimism an Edge

The introduction of Superchain may prove to be beneficial for the protocol as it could provide an edge to Optimism over its competitors by providing users with low costs and improved security on their platform. Whether or not this will be sufficient enough to improve Optmimsm’s state in the Layer 2 race remains to be seen but is certainly something that might bear fruit going forward.

Declining DEX Volumes

One factor that has been holding back develoments on Optmimsm has been declining DEX volumes on their platform suggesting that they may have to work on improving DeFi operations if they want to remain competitive against other Layer 2 solutions like Polygon and Arbitrum which are currently leading in this regard.


Only time will tell whether new developments such as Superchains can help improve Optmimsm’s standing among other Layer 2 solutions but it certainly holds promise for now given how it could potentially provide users with low cost transactions along with improved security features going forward.